About the Grant Partners

two women collaborating on assembling a playground for children in an affordable housing community

About Enterprise Community Partners

Enterprise Community Partners is a national nonprofit that exists to make a good home possible for the millions of families without one.

Home is where life happens, where plans are made and futures begin. The foundation for dignity, health, education, wealth and community. Yet rents keep going up, paychecks don’t keep pace, and good homes in strong neighborhoods are increasingly out of reach. The system doesn’t work. It must be changed, and it must be changed by us.

Enterprise has the breadth, scale and expertise to do it. We support community development organizations on the ground. We aggregate and invest capital for impact in homes and communities. We advance housing policy at every level of government. We build and manage communities ourselves. Everything we do is informed by the residents we serve.

Together with our partners, we focus on the greatest need – the massive shortage of affordable rental homes – to achieve three goals:

  1. Increase the supply of affordable homes
  2. Advance racial equity after decades of systematic racism in housing
  3. Support residents and strengthen communities to be resilient to the unpredictable and make upward mobility possible

Since 1982, we have invested $54 billion and helped create and preserve 873,000 homes across all 50 states. All to make home and community places of pride, power and belonging.

We are here for impact. We are here for change. Join us.

About Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo is building on its history of strengthening communities in an exciting new way: combining a problem-solving mindset, business expertise and philanthropy to help solve complex societal problems. This includes a $1 billion philanthropy commitment to address housing affordability solutions by 2025.

Wells Fargo is focused on sparking systemic change and economic development to help solve three critical issues:

  • Housing Affordability
  • Financial Health
  • Small Business Growth

Learn more about the impact of Wells Fargo’s efforts here.