Grant Winners

Out of 900 impressive proposals, six organizations will receive $2.5 million for their breakthrough ideas.

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These six innovations encompass rural homeownership, carbon capture, equitable underwriting, community health care, the sharing economy, and trauma-informed care.

Meet the Winners

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Housing Construction 

cdcb | come dream. come build.


Scaling an environmentally sustainable, disaster-resilient modular homeownership innovation offering choice and agency to rural families across the Rio Grande Valley and beyond to empower more communities where poverty persists. cdcb | come dream. come build. has served South Texas since 1974.  

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Forterra NW

Prototyping Modular Cross-Laminated Timber

Re-engineering the affordable housing supply chain through cross-laminated timber – beautiful, highly modular building material that can create rural jobs and mitigate the dangers of climate change if harvested responsibly. Forterra is a Washington-based nonprofit that enhances, supports, and stewards the region’s most precious resources — its communities and its ecosystems.

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Housing Finance

Center for NYC Neighborhoods

Underwriting for Good

Expanding homeownership by dramatically increasing the amount of credit flowing to families of color with modest means through at-scale non-discriminatory lending and the creation of a new automated underwriting system. The center promotes and protects affordable homeownership so middle- and working-class families can build strong, thriving communities.

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Gulf Coast Housing Partnership

Health + Housing

Aligning incentives to show health care payors the value of investing in affordable housing, while ensuring residents’ access to community-based health care. Created in the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, GCHP works across the region to pursue real estate development that propels sustained, transformative community revitalization.

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Resident Services and Support

Impact Justice

The Homecoming Project

Revolutionizing community reentry by pairing people returning from prison in Northern California with homeowners who have an available room and a desire to help someone rebuild their life with dignity. Impact Justice is a national innovation and research center testing and advancing new ideas and solutions for justice reform.

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Preservation of Affordable Housing

Designing Trauma-Resilient Communities

Designing Trauma-Resilient Communities reimagines affordable housing design and services through the lens of trauma-informed care and its core principles: safety, trust, choice, collaboration and empowerment. Preservation of Affordable Housing is a nonprofit developer, owner and operator of more than 12,000 affordable homes in 11 states and the District of Columbia.

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More About the Challenge

The challenge is elevating vitally needed scalable and effective housing affordability innovations.
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