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WATCH: Meet the team making homeownership a reality for rural families

There’s a passionate, hard-working team turning the MiCASiTA concept into realty. The modular homeownership innovation was created for rural communities in regions where poverty persists. MiCASiTA departs from a one-size-fits-all approach to homeownership. Instead, it’s built on the belief that families should be able to grow into their homes.

This inspiring video shows how the staff at cdcb | come dream. come build. and buildingcommunityWORKSHOP is bringing their winning idea to life across the Rio Grande Valley of Texas and to scale nationwide. Conducting focus groups. Creating the prototype. Preparing the construction site. Developing a user’s guide. The MiCASiTA is doing it all and more.

Educating clients about MiCASiTA and keeping them engaged are key to the innovation’s success. “Helping individual buyers understand how MiCASiTA works and showing them that they can get to the finish line – that’s going to be one of our biggest challenges,” says cdcb Executive Director Nick Mitchell-Bennett.

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