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WATCH: MiCASiTA, An Incremental Homeownership Innovation

A couple standing in front of a house

MiCASiTA is an incremental homeownership model that’s been under development for some time. But until recently, cdcb |come dream. come build. and its partner BuildingCommunityWORKSHOP lacked the resources to bring their idea to fruition.

Now, as one of six winning innovation teams in the Wells Fargo- and Enterprise-led Housing Affordability Breakthrough Challenge (, they have the support needed to bring their idea to completion – and explore taking it to scale beyond the Rio Grande Valley in Texas.

“Especially for our smaller, rural communities, building incrementally has been a way of doing construction and homebuilding for generations,” says Lisa Neergard of BCWorkshop. “To formalize it both from a lending and construction perspective really meets people where they’re at and provides a model of building a home that is safer, healthier and fits within their budgets.”

The video shows how members of the MiCASiTA team are finalizing the prototype, mobilizing it to different sites, and fine-tuning the pre-fab logic – all toward helping families realize the dream of homeownership sooner than they imagined.

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