Round 3 Finalists

Fifteen organizations — one dynamic cohort of innovative leaders.


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From an initial pool of nearly 900 applicants, 15 finalists advanced to the third and final round of the Housing Affordability Breakthrough Challenge. Together they proposed an exciting breadth of ideas to address the challenge’s three focus areas: Housing Construction, Housing Finance, and Resident Services and Support.

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Housing Construction

Cold Climate Housing Research Center

New Iglu

Cold Climate Housing Research Center aims to reimagine and replace 150-year-old stick-frame construction methods with a standard, digital building system using vacuum-insulated panels to lower housing costs across incomes and geographies. Based in Fairbanks, Alaska, CCRC promotes and advances the development of healthy, durable and sustainable shelter for Alaskans and other circumpolar people.

Community Development Corporation of Brownsville


The Community Development Corporation of Brownsville seeks to scale its environmentally sustainable, disaster-resilient modular homeownership innovation for rural families across the Rio Grande Valley and beyond to more communities where poverty persists. The multifaceted organization has served the southernmost area of the United States – Cameron and Willacy Counties, Texas – since 1974.


By-Right Modular Construction

FlyawayHomes proposes systemizing its model for building permanent supportive housing (PSH) cost effectively through streamlined zoning, smaller lots, modular construction and shared living spaces. Driven to end homelessness in Los Angeles and nationally, FlyawayHomes formed when its founders collaborated on a PSH task force with The People Concern, one of L.A.’s largest social service agencies.

Forterra NW

Modular Cross-Laminated Timber

Forterra NW seeks to create an affordable housing prototype using cross-laminated timber, beautiful, highly modular building material that can create rural jobs and mitigate global warming if harvested responsibly. An unconventional land trust working across Washington State’s wild, rural and urban landscapes, Forterra NW strives to secure and develop real estate in the public interest.



Indralogic imagines a retrofit approach specifically for older rowhomes in Baltimore, Maryland, using a library of regenerative materials and techniques to bring building shells up to eco-friendly Passive House standards. The innovation aims to establish regenerative enterprise as a new self-organizing economic model that serves people, communities and the natural world.

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Housing Finance

Center for NYC Neighborhoods

Underwriting for Good

Center for NYC Neighborhoods seeks to ultimately eliminate differential pricing to borrowers of color as well as reduce home loan defaults through at-scale non-discriminatory lending and the creation of a new automated underwriting system. The center promotes and protects affordable homeownership so middle- and working-class families can build strong, thriving communities.

Family Housing Fund

Building Equity in Small Multifamily Ownership

The Family Housing Fund proposes to increase the ability of low- and moderate-income households in the Twin Cities to purchase two- to four-unit buildings as owner-occupant landlords toward closing the racial wealth gap through financial products to make the small multifamily market more accessible to first-time buyers. FHFund works to preserve and produce homes cost effectively in Minnesota.

Gulf Coast Housing Partnership

Health + Housing

The Gulf Coast Housing Partnership proposes to unlock new resources for affordable housing development through Medicaid managed care organizations and other beneficiaries of reduced health care costs. Created in the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, GCHP pursues transformative commercial and affordable, sustainable residential developments in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama.

LA Family Housing

Revolving PRI Loan for Streamlined Housing Solutions

LA Family Housing seeks to help affordable housing developers secure working lines of credit for prefabrication building, by scaling up a revolving construction loan fund and creating a framework for large-scale, cost-effective modular housing. LAFH helps people across Los Angeles transition out of homelessness and poverty through housing enriched with supportive services.

Telluride Foundation

Rural Affordable Housing Initiative

The Telluride Foundation aims to create a turnkey affordable housing development and financing model to give rural communities across Colorado and the nation a step-by-step guide and access to experts, customizable building plans, and construction and development financing. The foundation works to enrich quality of life for the residents, visitors and workforce of Colorado’s Telluride region.

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Resident Services and Support


Healthy Beginning at Home

CareSource seeks to expand its efforts to help pregnant women of modest means receive the care and support they and their babies need to thrive, strengthening evidence that a stable home and community services improve maternal and infant health. Based in Dayton, Ohio, CareSource provides Medicaid consumers quality health coverage and develops programs targeting social determinants of health.

Coalfield Development

33-6-3: A Scalable Model for Rural Transformation

Coalfield Development proposes expanding the delivery and replication of its 33-6-3 model (33 hours of paid work, 6 hours of higher education, 3 hours of personal development weekly) through social enterprises creating new jobs in sustainable sectors like renewable energy. W.V.-based Coalfield Development works to cultivate opportunity in Appalachia, rebuilding its economy from the ground up.

Impact Justice

The Homecoming Project

Impact Justice aims to increase the reach of its work in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties, California, using the sharing economy model to ensure formerly incarcerated people have an immediate, safe and stable place to return home as well as extensive services to help reconstruct their lives. Impact Justice is a national innovation and research center advancing new ideas and solutions for justice reform.

National Housing Trust

Stopping Evictions: The Promise of Housing Security

The National Housing Trust seeks to pilot a scalable, sustainable private-sector approach to averting evictions and positioning families to meet future rents – while freeing up public resources to preserve and produce needed affordable housing, the root causes of eviction. NHT engages in policy work across all 50 states and owns multifamily housing in 13 states and the District of Columbia.

Preservation of Affordable Housing

Designing Trauma-Resilient Communities

Preservation of Affordable Housing imagines a new trauma-resilient framework in the design and operation of service-enriched affordable housing that promotes personal agency, improves staff retention and delivers value to residents, owners and communities. POAH is a nonprofit developer, owner and operator of over 11,000 affordable homes in 11 states and the District of Columbia.


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